Creator statement

Inspired by one of my many personal racially-charged sexual experiences, Waking Up with Strangers is a comedic short-form series about intimacy.  Or more broadly put, the humorous consequences of searching for intimacy and connection often experienced by millennials in the age of Insta-likes, right swipes and sub-tweets told from a new perspective: the morning after.

Each episode of season 1 follows one of our four leads as they wake up in different (re: tragic) scenarios and follows the often weird, awkward and strange moments that come from having just slept with a complete stranger.


About the creator:

Migrating from Oklahoma, Antoine recently graduated from the University of Southern California. Since college he has forged a career in entertainment as a working film and tv actor. Recently, he has turned his creative attention toward content creation. Though his experiences as an Afro-latino queer male has made him acutely aware of the systemic challenges the "others" in society face, as a content creator he seeks to show the commonality that tie us together, bridging the many differentiating aspects that often segregate our lives.