Waking Up With Strangers Press Release

Contact: W.U.W.S.Series@gmail.com

New digital series (co-starring Vanderpump Rules’ Ariana Madix) highlights true stories from a different aspect of hookup culture:
the morning after

LOS ANGELES, CA: Waking Up With Strangers is a new comedic anthology digital series based on the true stories of millennials whose search for intimacy the night before leads to awkward, honest and revealing truths the morning after.  Told through the eyes of four characters, each episode follows one of our leads arising in the morning with a new partner and then dealing strange with and hilarious consequences of waking up with a stranger.  


Imagine: You right swipe on your dream girl and after an amazing night of adult fun wake up to find that she’s robbed you, of everything, including your electric toothbrush. Imagine: You wake up thinking you’ve found a unicorn; handsome, single, and employed(!!) only to have reality donkey kick you in the gut when you discover he’s also 53, an ex-priest… and you just took his virginity.  Oof.

Those stories and other make up the universe of W.U.W.S. After a particularly racially tinged “date”, I bemoaned the experience to a few close friends, which began a round robin of horror hookup stories; each beginning with the best of intentions and ending full of regrets, Plan-b and doctor visits. With this series, I wanted to showcase the common thread I felt tied us together; a search for more amongst the comical banality of Insta-likes and right swipes of our millennial culture, a search for intimacy.


Migrating from Oklahoma, Antoine recently graduated from the University of Southern California. Since college he has forged a career in entertainment as a working film and tv actor. Recently, he has turned his creative attention toward content creation. Though his experiences as an Afro-latino queer male have made him acutely aware of the systemic challenges the "others" in society face, as a content creator he seeks to show the commonality that tie us together, bridging the many differentiating aspects that often segregate our lives.
Catch up with him on Instagram @Tokenethnic and Twitter: @SirAntoinePerry and www.antoine-perry.com/home

Based on true stories, Waking Up With Strangers: Season 1 is an anthology comedic web series that follows four friends, as they search for intimacy, connection and love from a different aspect of hookup culture: The Morning After


Molly Cerne Co-Star of Waking Up with Strangers. With Ray Tezanos.

Greg Furman. Co-star of Waking Up with Strangers. With Helen Highfield.

Ariana Madix. Co-Star of Waking Up with Strangers.

Antoine Perry. Co-star of Waking Up with Strangers.

Ricky Woz. Ray Tezanos.

Antoine Perry. Ryan Garcia.

Ricky Woz. Molly Cerne. Ray Tezanos.

Ariana Madix.

Antoine Perry. Will Pinson-Rose.

Greg Furman.

Antoine Perry. Ryan Garcia.

Greg Furman. Helen Highfield.

Molly Cerne. Tim Blane.